Body Products

//Body Products
  • 1oz Sample Bundle

              Can't Decide? Choose Them All! What's Included: *3-1 ounce products of your choosing. Does not include Lip Balm, Yoga Mat Spray, or All-Natural Flea & Tick Powder. P.S. It makes a great gift!
  • Cuticle Cream

              Keep Your Manicure Looking Great! Benefits: *Helps Fight Brittle Nails *Anti-Bacterial *Anti-Fungal *Helps to Prevent and Heal Hangnails Cuticle Cream available in 1 ounce recyclable jar.
  • Herbal Diaper Ointment

            Gentle but Effective for Your Little One's Bottom! Benefits: *Nourishing & Healing *Antibacterial *Anti-Fungal *Anti-Septic *Helps to Improve Circulation and Cell Production Diaper Ointment available in 2 & 4 ounce recyclable glass jars.
  • Organic Sunscreen

              Get Your Vitamin D While Protecting Against Harmful UV Rays and Free Radicals! Benefits: *Moisturizing *Natural Protection from the Sun Sunscreen available in 1, 4 & 8 ounce recyclable glass & plastic jars as well as a deodorant stick for easy application
  • Raw Body Butter

              This is the Organic Moisturizer You've Been Looking For! Benefits: *Hydrating *Nourishing & Healing *Helps Smooth Skin *Great for Men and Women Raw Body Butter is available in 8 ounce recyclable plastic jars.
  •           Purify your skin naturally! Benefits: *Shrinks pores *Balances pH of skin *Works for Men & Women *Moisturizes skin All jars are recyclable!
  • Scar & Stretch Mark Cream

              Lessen the Appearance of Old Scars & Stretch Marks and Prevent New Ones. Benefits: *Moisturizing *Vitamin Rich *Fades Scars & Stretch Marks Scar & Stretch Mark Cream available in 2 & 4 ounce recyclable jars.
  • Sleepy Time Foot Rub

              Apply Before Bed to Get Calm and Relaxed! Benefits: *Moisturizes Feet *Natural Relaxing Sleepy Time Foot Rub available in 2 & 4 ounce recyclable glass jars.
  • Tattoo Balm

            Keep Your New Ink Moisturized and Free From Infection! Benefits: *Antibacterial *Moisturizing *Nourishing & Healing Tattoo Balm available in 2 & 4 ounce recyclable glass jars.