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Detoxifying Clay Mask

///Detoxifying Clay Mask

Detoxifying Clay Mask


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Purify your skin naturally!

*Pore Minimizing
*Evens Skin Tone
*Works for Men & Women
*Fights Acne

All jars are recyclable!


These masks are made dry to help preserve shelf life. Start with 1 tablespoon, or 3 teaspoons of clay, and add small amounts of your favorite liquid until it’s like thick cream to a little bit thicker. Add water and or apple cider vinegar are great options to mix with the clay.

Product may settle in shipping.

Purify your skin with our Detoxifying Clay Masks that are made to help exfoliate, detoxify and purify your skin. The clays help to deliver minerals and nutrients to your skin while cleaning and tightening your pores. .

This specific combination of clays includes Dead Sea Clay, Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Rhassoul Clay, Birch Oil, and Grapefruit Oil.

Created with quality ingredients that come straight from the Earth.
*Chemical Free
*Synthetic Free
*Petroleum Free
*Paraben Free
*Dye Free



DEAD SEA CLAY – Comes from the dead sea itself which is much saltier than the ocean, and is nutrient rich. This is great for exfoliating your skin and balancing your skin’s pH. It also improves elasticity and helps to minimize pores, wrinkles and lines.

KAOLIN CLAY – A gentle clay from china that helps to remineralize the epidermis while cleansing the skin and improving circulation.

BENTONITE CLAY – A product of volcanic ash that can be traced back far into history as a traditional healing method. Bentonite clay seeks toxins and binds with them to help remove them from the skin.

MOROCCAN RHASSOUL CLAY – Rhassoul is derived from the Arabic word Rhassoul which means “washing”. This helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and help remove blackheads.

BIRCH OIL – Birch is very soothing, detoxifying, and an astringent. It also contain salicylic acid which is used in many acne fighting products.

GRAPEFRUIT OIL – Helps to remove toxins from the body an dis great for fighting acne. Grapefruit oil helps to smooth the skin.



Step 1 – Rinse you face with warm water.
Step 2 – Mix about 1 Tablespoon of clay with 1 Teaspoon of water.
Step 3 – Apply to your face without getting too close to your eyes
Step 4 – Let dry and allow the magic to happen! It’ll feel tight, but that means it’s working! It’s cleaning pores, pulling toxins out and smoothing out your skin.
Step 5 – Rinse with warm water
Step 6Moisturize

You may need to allow your skin to get use to the detoxification process. Start with once a week, and let sit for 15 minutes. As your skin gets used to it, you can allow the mask to completely dry. Don’t use more than twice a week, or you can dry out your skin.


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1 review for Detoxifying Clay Mask

  1. Richelle

    I use this mask weekly to balance oil and fight breakouts. While rinsing, I tend to gently exfoliate the face for more skin brightening and softening. Awesome product!

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