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Summer Skin Care

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Summer Skin Care

Summer is here and in full swing! If your weather is anything like the weather here in the Midwest, it seems like we went from winter straight into the heat of summer! As more skin starts to get shown, we need to take care of ways to keep it healthy and happy, especially if your skin has been hidden under layers trying to keep warm during the winter.

If your skin has been hidden from the sun for several months, keep in mind that no matter what you do, no matter how much sunscreen, no matter the SPF, your skin will burn if you decide to spend hours outside, exposed to skin. Depending on your skin, how intense the sun is based on your location and time of day, it could take as little as 20 minutes to burn.

Each time you get sunburn, you are literally getting radiation burn. UVA and UVB make it through the atmosphere and to our skin. The UVA makes it deeper than the UVB. When we absorb UVA rays, they interact with the skin and can damage the skin’s proteins, membranes, and DNA. UVB rays don’t go as deep as the UVA, but they are absorbed by the DNA itself, and the excess energy that the cells have from this can actually cause the DNA to incorrectly link up. This causes the DNA to stop replicating accurately. While our skin cells try to repair or fix the inaccurate DNA replication, the cells can get overwhelmed/overworked with too many errors, so the cells begin to self-destruct. As the cells breakdown, our skin turns red and becomes irritated. As the redness and inflammation decreases, new cells rapidly grow to replace the dead cells, and so we peel.

While this may sound scary, we need sun. Sun provides us with Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps us to absorb Calcium. Just with anything…. Everything in moderation. Always ease into how long you stay out in the sun. Allow your skin to start producing more melanin, which is what gives you that beautiful bronze tan by slowly exposing your skin a little bit at a time. Think about it like running…. If you’ve been sitting on the couch for the last few months, and then you try to run a marathon without any sort of training, your body is going to hurt after that.

Even with taking care not to shock your skin in the excitement of summer being here, there are a few practices to keep in mind to help keep your skin healthy in the summer, or anytime of year!

1. Try to stay away from conventional sunscreen. There is a ton of data out about how much more damaging conventional sunscreen is to you that just having safe practices in the sun. Conventional sunscreen is full of chemicals that have been linked to cancer. Read more on why all-natural sunscreen is safer for you here.

2. Keep your skin exfoliated. Exfoliating your helps to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin cells make your skin look dull, but by removing the dead cells, it allows moisturizer to get to your skin much easier. Be sure to apply a toner and moisturizer after exfoliating. Try any of our Organic Sugar Scrubs!

3. Keep your skin hydrated. Toners help to make the skin more porous, allowing more to get absorbed by the skin. Besides applying moisturizers directly to your skin to hydrate it, start by hydrating from the inside out! Our Calming Peppermint Toner is a great option to use. Spritz onto your face throughout the day for a little pick me up or to prep before another moisturizer application.

4. Drink plenty of water! Give your body plenty of water. We are made up of 70% water. When we are dehydrated, our skin looks dull. Not to mention, being internally dehydrated, can lead to tiredness, dizziness, and headaches. The easiest way to remember to drink plenty of water is to carry around a reusable water bottle with you.

5. If you ever question if you should apply more sunscreen, just do it! It’s a good practice to apply 30 minutes before to allow it to start to soaking into your skin, and then apply every 30 minutes. If you’re in the water or sweating a lot, you may want to apply more often.

6. If you do get a little too much sun, keep it hydrated and moisturized. Our Organic Sunscreen can be used for after sun care as well! This or our Raw Body Butter are great options to apply if you get too much sun because it helps to deliver necessary nutrients to your skin to help your calls heal and regenerate. If you notice that you’re looking a little burnt, apply some organic apple cider vinegar to your skin. ACV helps to soothe the skin and it evens out the pH of your skin assisting in a quicker healing process. It doesn’t burn, and it helps your skin to not peel.

Keep your skin safe! If you ever have any spots or areas on your skin that are questionable, contact your dermatologist immediately.

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