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Valentine’s Day Pancakes

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Valentine’s Day Pancakes

Valentine’s Day is all different shades of reds and pinks with anything and everything that can be. Most items that we ingest – food, candies, medicine, toothpaste, etc – use Red #40 as the coloring agent in it. Red #40 is the most common dye used. Unfortunately, even though the FDA approves the use of this in the United States, there are plenty of findings that link the use and ingestion of Red 40, and other synthetics dyes, to cancer.

Luckily, there are still ways to color treats and even cosmetics naturally without the use of harmful dyes and synthetics! Beet’s are commonly used as a natural dye. Here’s an easy way to make some pink, heart shaped pancakes for Valentine’s Day. Play around with other recipes and add some beet powder (or juice) for a red/pink color.

For pancakes, we started with a gluten free pancake mix, added a dash of pink himalayan sea salt, a little bit of beet sugar, beet powder, homemade vanilla, an egg, and cashew milk.

First mix all the dry ingredients.

Then mix in the the wet ingredients.

The easiest way to get nice shapes with pancakes is to use a squeeze bottle, but cutting the corner of a baggie will work, or just go free hand!

Serve and enjoy!

GF pancakes made with pink himalayan sea salt, beet sugar, and colored with beet powder

3/4 cup GF pancake mix
1/8 tsp Pink Himalayan Sea Salt
1/2 tsp beet sugar
2 tsp beet powder
1 farm egg
dash of vanilla
enough of your favorite milk to make desired consistency

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